Rhode Island School of Design   Master of Fine Art, 2018

●      Concentration: Photography


University of Pennsylvania        Master of Liberal Arts, 2012

●      Concentration: Visual Anthropology


Columbia College Chicago            Bachelor of Fine Arts, 2009

●      Concentration: Photography

TEACHING EXPERIENCE_____________________________________


Longwood University                              

●      2 Year Visiting Assistant Professor of Photography

●      Academic Advisor for Photography Concentration

●      Courses Include: Basic Photography, Intermediate Photography, Advance Photography, Color Photo, What A Time(Critical inquires into social, political, and cultural topics through multidisciplinary approaches)


Virginia Commonwealth University                   

●      Lecturer of Film and Photography

●      Graduate Critic

●      Courses Include: Digital I, Cinematography and Lighting, Location Lighting, 4x5 Workshop



Rhode Island School of Design                                      

●      Instructor Of Records

●      Courses Include: What A Time(Critical inquires into social, political, and cultural topics through multidisciplinary approaches)


PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE_________________________________


TZ Production Company                          

●      Producer, Creative Director, Cinematographer, Editor

●      Produce film shoots across Africa and South America

●      Creation of content for University of Pennsylvania Museum’s Africa Galleries


The Simple Studio                                

●      Owner, Photographer

●      Commercial Studio in Brooklyn, NY


University of Pennsylvania: R.E.A.C.H Ambler               

●      Co-Director, Cinematographer, Photographer

●      4 year study of the social and health effects of SuperFund site in Ambler PA

●      Funded by the National Institute of Health

GRANTS AND FELLOWSHIPS_________________________________

PAGE Fellow

Imagine America, 2017-2018

Graduate Studies Grant

Rhode Island School of Design, 2018

Rhode Island School of Design, 2017

Albert P. Weisman

Columbia College Chicago, 2009


SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS___________________________________

Transformative Imaginations: Decarceration and Liberatory Futures

Imagine America National Gathering, 2018


Beyond The Margins: Underrepresented Voices

New England Media Symposium, 2018


Work In Progress: The Spectacle Of The Tomb

Rhode Island School of Design Museum, 2018


SOLO EXHIBITIONS________________________________________

Exodus Home,

Hampden Sydney College, 2019


Whites Only!,

Longwood University, 2019


Rose Land,

University of Illinois Chicago, 2011

South Side Community Arts Center, 2011


GROUP EXHIBITIONS_______________________________________

Present Continuous

Longwood Center for the Visual Arts, 2019


Betwixt and Between: Photography, Time and Place

Jamestown Arts Center, 2018


Rhode Island School of Design 2018 MFA Graduate Show

Clampart, 2018


We Thought of You

Gelman Gallery, 2017


Monument Lab: Sweet Chariot: The Long Journey To Freedom Through Time

Mural Arts Philadelphia, 2017


Who Am I: The Sequel

Drive-by Projects, 2017



Sol Koffler Gallery, 2017


-ISMS: Exploring the Intersectionality of Identity

Rhode Island School of Design, ISB Gallery, 2017


The Black Artist Gallery

Brown University, Leung Family Gallery, 2016


Screening Scholarship Media Festival

University of Pennsylvania, CAMRA, 2014


Breaking Point

Chicago Art Council, 2012


Fear into Fire

Kalamazoo College, 2012

Art Hop, 2012

Columbia College Chicago 2011


FILM SCREENINGS AND AWARDS______________________________

“Bliss” (Producer, Director)

Art Institute of Chicago, 2014 - Black Radical Imagination Film Series

Cooper Union, 2014 - Black Radical Imagination Film Series

RedCat Cal Arts, 2014 - Black Radical Imagination Film Series


“African Independence” (Cinematographer, Editor)

San Diego Black Film Festival, 2013 -Best Documentary

San Francisco Black Film Festival, 2013 -Best African Film

175th Anniversary of Emancipation, 2013 -National Televised Screening in Guyana

The 36th Annual Philadelphia International Film Festival & Market, 2013

BlackStar Film Festival, 2013


SELECTED PRESS__________________________________________

Lenscratch, “2019 Photographs In Conversation Exhibition” 2019

Farmville Magazine, Artist In Residence: Be Skeptical, 2018

RISD News, “Resurfacing The Legacy of Slavery”, 2017

Boston Globe, At Drive-By Projects, artists look at identity, 2017

Big Red And Shiney, “Who Am I? In Trumps America”, 2017

Page Fellowship Salon, “Thoughts on Democracy”, 2017